Rather than focus on predictions and resolutions, I wanted to use this post to stand back and reflect on what was accomplished at Attache in 2014.  We set a few lofty goals and I’m proud to say we knocked out a lot.  Here are the highlights:


Formalized a linen program - New linens and towels are brought into each property between guests. Sounds basic and obvious, but working with different properties and property owners, getting this underway was a nice logistic challenge. It was the right thing for our guests to ensure a more consistent and dependable experience.


Docusign integration - No more faxes!  Sign up and rent a property from any connected device.  Nice.


Quarterly Happy Hours - A big success with our guests. It’s an opportunity to meet so many customers face to face in a fun environment.


This blog - well it was not updated as often as we hoped, but it begin and had a decent amount of content.  This is a section we hope to improve upon with guest blogger content and more relevant and fascinating information.

Be on the look-out for more 2014 re-caps and our goals for 2015... coming out shortly.