A couple highlights from 2017 that seem blog-post worthy:

We added amazing team-members Kevin Horrocks, Ken Lozada and Chris Mudd to our tribe.

Tim Touchette was interviewed on a Real Estate Investment podcast https://www.casmoncapital.com/single-post/2017/12/26/Corporate-Housing-and-Furnished-Rentals-with-Tim-Touchette-Episode-26

Our Guest Portal was added this year, so our clients can log and see the status of their payments and any other request they may have.

Attache is ending the year with 282 furnished properties under management. Since no two properties are alike, and each property's features can also be a logistical challenge, I want to give credit to our amazing team who thrives on improving our systems and the lives on our clients (renters and owners) on a daily basis.