We were honored to be a sponsor the 10th Anniversary of the 17th St Festival last week.

The sun was shining, the art was dazzling and kids and pets alike were attracted to our three map-wrapped and all-electric vehicles.
We were located at the top of 17th and R St and were treated to various street performers.  We had pets and humans of all ages try out our mini-tesla, our three-wheeled, electric rickshaw and our new 2019 all-electric SmartCar.
We asked help from the community to add our pushpin location stickers to the Smartcar since it was freshly wrapped just 2 days before the event.  A few parents reminded their kids that "just because you can put stickers on this car, does not mean you can put stickers on any other car."
We were also asked if we rented these cars, in addition to furnished monthly properties.  While our goal is to rent out the most comfortable and reliable corporate apartments in DC, we don't have plans to rent out vehicles...in 2019.
Please check out our social media pages for more photos!