In honor of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for three groups - Our Attache Team, Our Attache clients and my family and friends.

Thank you to team Attache - Our team's dedication to improving the lives of our renters and owners is something that I am thankful for everyday. Our team begins our all-hands Thursday morning meetings with going around the room saying what they are grateful for.  Our work lives would not be possible without everyone pushing for improvement, focusing on fun and being thankful for their ability to positively impact so many lives.

Thank you to Attache's customers - Our renters and our owners are super valued and appreciated because they have given us their trust to help them live better. Our renters get to explore and find the best possible monthly furnished housing residences in DC for their work assignments or relocations, and our owners give us their properties to make sure we continually provide them with the goals they seek for their investments.

Thank you to my family and friends - On a personal note, I need to acknowledge the people in my life that motivate, inspire and allow me to be vulnerable.  My wife, Jen, my kids and my family in St. Louis and Chicago provide me with support, love and reality checks to help me improve my life on a daily basis. My friends are like my family and I truly appreciate how they inspire and challenge me to be the best person possible.

Thank you to everyone who has touched my life and helped Attache grow throughout the years.