APRIL 1, 2021


WASHINGTON DC - Attache Corporate Housing announces an expanded service area with thousands of new temporary rentals called - Cicada Corporate Cabins (CCC).  Beginning in May, CCC will provide rural outdoor temporary living arrangements for hundreds of thousands of Brood X Cicadas who are expected to emerge in a few weeks to capture some much-needed sunlight and looking for a safe place to stay.   


Recognizing an imbalance in demand vs supply, President of ACH, Tim Touchette, established CCC not only to make a Cicada’s stay as enjoyable as possible but to help guide them to safer, more outdoorsy spaces.  “By creating thousands of little outdoor cabins - fully furnished, of course - we can continue Attache’s mission to Provide Joy in Every Stay... for everyone. These outdoor accommodations are located far enough away from humans to keep them safe, but will continue to provide them with choice, connection, and comfort -  components that build our counterpart urban company.” 


Cicadas arrive for 5-6 weeks, which matches up well with Attache’s other business model of 30-day minimum stays.  “If they were only here for a few days or a few weeks, we would direct them to another provider,” Touchette said.


These cabins will include features like plenty of sunlight and access to nearby trees for food and little surround-sound speakers so they can play their music as loud as they want.


ACH plans to unveil these tiny cabins in late April. There will be a release party with Cicada-themed cocktails and appetizers to follow. 


If any cicadas get out of control, CCC has teams of people with peppermint spray bottles to keep them from encroaching on neighboring properties. If necessary, CCC is also in talks with a representative from the Red-headed Woodpecker Association. Touchette would not comment on rumors around Orkin’s effort to be a strategic partner in the new venture.