We think it can. It first needs to satisfy the convenience, cleanliness and cost-effective needs of the guest.  But what then? Being away from family and friends in a new city can add to anyone's stress, and adding it on top of a new assignment, you can see where it does not necessarily equate to fun. Fun is an attitude and sometimes it's found where you live, the type of property you're living in, and who you surround yourself with.

Traditionally corporate housing can be fairly boring, and to be frank, that's usually the purpose. If you're one of 10 consultants on a project, the more identical and cookie-cutter the corporate housing, the better it is for the company who is paying for it. It's one less thing to worry about. Residents of corporate housing are in town to work, they are not on vacation... There are a majority of people who prefer their temporary housing to be standard, an afterthought, and in effect, boring. 

While none of our properties are identical, and some can be seen as pretty dull, we do provide consistency in customer service, and with what's inside each property.

We tend to cater to companies or working individuals who want to find a better way to live. Sometimes our guests define ‘living better’ as finding a great condo at a discount rate (because the kitchen is older), but it’s in the preferred neighborhood and makes the commute that much easier. Sometimes ‘living better’ means choosing a penthouse priced below the standard rates of some national chains' residences. Sometimes ‘living better’ means finding a furnished single family house with 3 or 4 bedrooms for your family’s relocation.  

However, providing unique furnished properties does not automatically equate to living better and having fun. We’re looking to expand our services to partner various local restaurants, bars, theatres and outdoor activities so access, and discounts will be made available just for staying with Attache. 

Last year we started a quarterly happy hour, to help gather our guests in one place to meet face to face. We just had our first one of the year last week., and you will be able to see photos and more on our social media postings about it.  Our next one is set for late June. I will write about it in a future blog post.

Even if our guests don't attend our Happy Hours or participate in the activities and partnerships we have with various locals businesses, we hope the experience of the properties will leave them with shareable stories. We are also in the process of adding the history and one-of-a-kind events around each of our properties to help our guests with their experience. 

So does ‘fun’ belong in corporate housing? We believe it belongs in life as much as possible, and we will take it at every opportunity. Our jobs are stressful, travel is stressful, being away from loved ones for 30+ days is stressful. However, fun should not be forgotten. Living better should mean having fun and that’s why we’re here.

We are here to help working travelers 'live better' with unique furnished housing and great customer service...and hopefully having some fun along the way...