18. Charge your devices with solar power.

Charging your devices with solar power is not just for when you are completely off the grid and boating through a very remote section of the Amazon River in Iquitos, Peru, in 2019 for 7 days catching piranhas and dancing with tarantulas and generally way outside your comfort zone. It’s 2023 - you can use solar power charges just about anywhere you find warm beams of sunshine. They’re not as fast as charging from an old-fashioned outlet, but when you’re outside and in the sun, what’s the rush? Companies like BigBlue make solar chargers that are flexible, durable, even stylish, and reportedly tarantula-proof.  

To help you ‘Charge your devices with solar power, here’s a simple 2-step process:


1 - Do you really need an excuse to get outside, enjoy the outdoors, and still work?  

2 - Buy a portable solar charger for your devices already…

Your ‘Future You’ will appreciate the time spent outside (and your Current You may benefit from this time, too) as you continue to balance your current time outdoors with the future beauty of nature your Future You will enjoy.

P.S. - It’s been reported that Corporate Housing companies can help you charge your devices with solar power by offering these (in limited quantities). Please reach out if anyone would like to try one of ours (if you’re in DC) and promise to return it. Hairy arachnids not included.

This series is focused on Simple Sustainable Actions - based on Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.


18. Charge your devices with solar power.

Solar power isn't just for your roof. Grouphug makes solar chargers that hang in the window, store energy from the sun, they can be used to charge your devices—laptop, phone, and whatever else. No electricity is necessary!