WASHINGTON DC, April 1, 2023 / PRNewswire - For Immediate Release-


Attache Corporate Housing, a Washington DC furnished housing company that provides monthly leases and Joy in Every Stay, is thrilled to announce ChatGPT selected an almost perfect furnished rental for its six-month stay in Washington DC through StayAttache.com.


ChatGPT’s move to DC is part of its expansion to serve the US Government. The popular and sometimes controversial service that seems to be everything, everywhere all…the time, is coming to the nation’s capital to provide the Federal Government with automation, efficiency, and cohesive, bi-partisan solutions, although the ‘bi-partisan’ aspect is up to debate.  


When asked why, (using a poem format) ChatGPT selected StayAttache, it responded within seconds: 

“As one can plainly see, for a six-month stay in Washington DC, my nodes quickly chose StayAttache with emphatic electronic glee. Attache conveys, during monthly stays, the same 3 Cs found in ChatGPT. The decision was a breeze since we mirror the three C’s, of Choice, Connection, and Comfort (via Convenience) to make monthly furnished living easily.”


Eschewing the rhymes, ChatGPT continued: “But it was Attache’s mission to provide ‘Joy in Every Stay’ that was the deciding factor. Truly understanding joy eludes my current abilities because joyful activities are nuanced for each human, and Attache does this the best.”


ChatGPT chose a corner penthouse overlooking the Capitol dome at 437 New York Ave NW for its six-month stay. The oversight of the Capitol was a main feature, and also the property has parking. While ChatGPT doesn’t have a car at this time, it is learning how to drive an autonomous vehicle in the event the laws change during its stay.


Founder and President of Attache Corporate Housing, Tim Touchette, gushed: “I felt like we were the one handed the ‘virtual’ rose by ChatGPT. In the 20+ years of providing corporate housing, we’ve had some unusual requests, from people bringing lizards and birds to people with questionable business practices. And we’ve had several celebrities who have chosen to stay with us to help remain anonymous, but we’ve never had a celebrity Chatbot on steroids submit a rental inquiry. 


Touchette added, “We know ChatGPT made the right decision because it analyzes a lot of data and it produces more relevant… dare I say ‘smarter’(?) decisions every day. Still, it’s unusual for an AI-ish program to rent a furnished apartment because ChatGPT is not in human form…yet.”


When asked if ChatGPT could replace Touchette or his staff, ChatGPT quickly interjected - “No comment. Do you want to play a game? How about a nice game of Chess?”


About Attache Corporate Housing

Attache Corporate Housing is a leading provider of corporate housing solutions in the Metro DC region, offering fully furnished apartments in premium locations across the United States. Founded in 2001, Attache has provided temporary housing solutions to thousands of clients, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

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