9/11 Memorial

Last week, I was honored to participate as a speaker at our regional event. The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) had the largest turnout of any regional event with more than 150 people registered to learn about industry best practices and network. We also had a great Q&A session with New York Senator, Liz Krueger, regarding the latest regulations for corporate rentals and AirBnb.com. Given corporate housing rents for a minimum of 30-days, we learned how NYC is handling illegal hotels. It's a very incendiary topic and will keep changing as laws and technology continue to evolve.

I was part of four-person panel that discussed how to work with apartment and condo buildings, how to increase outside sales and using the latest technology. My topic discussed using surveys for growth, customer service and employee accountability. The day ended with a tour of 9/11 memorial. Our event was on the 20th floor overlooking the new memorial and the attached photo shows our view during the day.