29. Cut back on single-use plastics.

Plastics. It’s time we Graduate from this phenomenon that was all the rage in 1967, and move into something more re-useable, re-cyclable, re-quoteable. Single-use of this single-word should also be ‘cut back on’ to help us singularly realize multi-use products to help us live multitudinal lives. 

To help you ‘Cut back on single-use plastics’, here’s a simple 2-step process:

  1. Embrace Multi-Use and Biodegradable
  2. Repeat

Your ‘Future You’ is multi-faceted and your ‘Future You’ wants you to embrace ‘biodegradable’ and make it ‘all the rage’ in 2023. Your ‘Future You’ even thinks you can find multi-uses for your single-use biodegradable products. 

P.S. - It’s been reported that Corporate Housing helps Cut back on Single-use plastics by offering 1) many-use utensils 2) bio-degrable paper products and 3) re-useable take-away logo-ed water bottles, just to name three… Oh, and Benjamin, I have one word for you in 2023 - One word - “Biodegradable” (or ChatGPT).


This series is focused on Simple Sustainable Actions - based on Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.


29. Cut back on single-use plastics.

Single-use plastics undoubtedly cause emissions—first, when they're made and second, when they're discarded. Cutting back on your single-use plastic usage and purchases is an easy way to ensure that you're not contributing to those emissions. This could be everything from plastic straws and utensils to drink bottles and disposable coffee cups.