This could be my new favorite way to navigate around DC.

Since DC has 1) an abundance of bike lanes 2) fairly level terrain and 3) limited real estate devoted to storage of bikes, our city provides an ideal market for bike sharing networks. Up until today, the only bike share program in town relied on locating bike stations and docks connected to Capital BikeShare -

I am a fan of Capital BikeShare and it has helped my family, friends and colleagues get around and through traffic with minimal headaches.

I'm thrilled this new service takes a wireless approach to unlocking bikes so they can be rented without the need of finding a docking station, which may or may not be full or completely empty.  No rental service is without its flaws, so it's important to keep finding new ways to meet customers' needs.

DCInno has the great story on this service that starts Sept 20th (tomorrow) -