4. Don't use the dryer.

Laundry Dryer usage is unavoidable. There I said it. While we are working on changing/reducing  it’s usage, in our modern world, these machines remain necessary… sometimes.  We know there are clothes/fabrics that do better in the dryer, and sometimes you have time restraints - Pret a porter - maintenant! 


To reduce dryer usage, here’s a simple 2-step process:

1- Pull out hangers (or a drying rack) using your non-dominant arm while giving yourself a smile.

2- Gently rest your clothes on hangers/rack and they’re ready to be gleefully put away in a few hours.  


Your future you will be able to re-apply the ‘non-dryer usage energy’ savings to play with future friends around you.  


P.S. - It’s also been reported that Corporate Housing helps people NOT use the dryer, because a) the extra space in our properties (versus hotels) and b) the extra time gained from having a washing machine in-unit.  Both of these add up to allow for easy use of hangers and drying racks. Yea Corporate Housing!!! 


Reference for our series - Simple Sustainable Actions for your Future You - Based on the Article: 105 actionable ways to reduce your emissions!

Some people call them "dryers," others tell it like it is and call them "shrinkers." By abandoning the dryer in your home, you won't only improve the longevity and quality of your clothes; you'll also reduce emissions. Simply hang-dry clothes, towels, and other fabrics instead.