...and so much more.  That sentiment about gratitude counteracting entitlement is one of the guiding principles on our family's mission statement, which is framed and hangs in our house. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to remember this and all the other wonderful things Gratitute provides. Thanksgiving is gratitude in action and thought.  Being thankful makes everyone's life fuller and reminds us to share in what we have and to enjoy the gifts we get everyday - even the simple things such as air and water.  We are truly lucky to have so much around us. I would like to think I would feel the same way if I lived in a cave and had to hunt or gather my own food.

This year my family is grateful for our new house but we are breaking tradition from visiting grandparents and family and starting a new tradition by staying in Washington DC and celebrating in our new home.  While this was hard to do, we appreciate the support and love of our families to make this decision.

Houses can become homes when meaning and family memories are created there. Since we're in the Real Estate world, properties can frequently be seen as bricks and wood and appliances and repairs, but they can become part of the family. This is part of our goal of staying in our new house this year.  I just read a wonderfully written piece in the WSJ by Elizabeth Seay providing a great example of a home becoming part of the family and how sometimes it's really hard to decide to break from family traditions...but also sometimes necessary...   


I would like to take this time to say thank you to all my family and friends, to my colleagues and clients and guests at Attache and everyone who has made an impact on my life.  It's good to feel fortunate and lucky and for those of you still reading - thank you.

P.S. - To make sure we say 'Thank You' for celebrating the fun side of corporate housing, I've attached the photo of the Turkey Smartcar.  


Thanksgiving for our Smartcar