How to save money on Corporate Housing


Here are three ways (of several) to save money with Corporate Housing.


1) Compared to a hotel, Corporate Housing rates can be 30-40% less expensive. That huge savings is well worth the most common trade-offs of no daily maid service... is that really needed? Maid service with corporate housing is either every two weeks, every month or only at departure, but you can order maid service a la cart as often as you would like during your stay. The money you save by cooking (with your kitchen) instead of eating out and the money you save doing your own laundry, adds doubly and triply to saving your expenses.


2) Find Corporate Housing Providers who list the prices for their units on their webpages. This is a big frustration we’ve heard from several of our clients. We list our prices so it doesn’t waste everyone’s time searching and calling on a property that is way outside of their budget. Knowing the rental rates, cleaning fees, taxes and other fees (pets, parking, etc.) will go a long way in budgeting your time and your stay. Be sure you know this as early as possible.

3) Book for as long as possible. The buying in bulk approach typically helps the guest get a better price. It’s not always the case, but since average stays nationwide are between 3-4 months, if you can sign on for 6 months or longer, there is a good chance the rate will go down. That discount is usually already built in to buildings that have a 6 month minimum to begin with. You may even want to focus on the properties with the six month minimum term. They’re likely some of the lowest prices in town.