This past Saturday had the first confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) in DC. Safety will always be a cornerstone of our business for our guests, owners, contractors and team. While the number of identified cases in the DC area will likely increase, we wanted to provide a quick update on how we’re handling this situation. It’s important to keep in mind the severity of this virus is greater than the common flu, with similar symptoms, yet we are taking steps to keep it from spreading. We have spoken to our cleaning companies about adding a hospital-grade disinfectant to their cleaning supplies. This chemical is EPA approved effective to fight against Coronavirus. They will implement this on every new ‘turnover’ clean, so every property we rent will be protected. Additionally, we have instructed all cleaners to take extra care cleaning all doorknobs, stairwell railings, bars and grips for entryway doors of the buildings we’re in. There is an overwhelming amount of information available on Coronavirus. Here are two trusted resources: US Center for Disease Control: DC Gov’t Website: Here’s a great article that addresses the issues in a real and reassuring way- The situation is evolving daily, so we’re watching it closely and will provide additional processes as more information is available. We want to remind everyone to use their best judgment in their safety practices, and that calm and reason are great tools to keep safe and healthy.