Improve the process...constantly and forever


This is a variation of ‘point 5’ of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s (  “14 points for management”. It's an inspiring approach to customer service, and building a company, and fine tuning systems.  It can seem tireless and overwhelming to the complacent.  It’s a reminder that work is never done, especially in the service industry.

Attache buys into this approach and I’m not sure how any company cannot.  We send a survey to all of our guests when they arrive and send another one at the end of their stay.  We review all the replies during our team meetings on Thursday and we applaud ourselves for high scores and build a list of changes for the scores below 9.  We love 10s, but we learn the most from the lower scores.

We strive to make every experience as flawless as possible.  From an initial visit to our website, to finding the properties that fit your needs, to reserving a property to signing the lease to moving in, we continually look to make every step easy.  The list continues once a guest moves in - repairs and maintenance requests, requests for receipts, requests for extensions, then onto notice to vacate and sending depature instructions, there are always ways to make this better.

Technology is big driver in this approach.  We’ve built our website from scratch in order to provide a flexible structure.  This allows us to modify features and improvements to the site as customer experience improvements are suggested or uncovered.  You may note that several of our social media posts have a technology slant to them, as software and methods of communication are constantly changing and provide a wellspring of opportunities to make our customers’ lives easier.  Technology should not get in the way, but supplement living better.

Our aim is for our guests and clients to have an amazing experience when staying with Attache.  At a minimum, we hope that everything goes simply super-fine, a-ok.  When problems or issues arise, we take note and work to find a way to make sure this issue does not happen again. That’s what improving the process is about.  It’s not about resting on what’s worked in the past, it’s finding ways to make sure systems are improved and are flexible enough to foresee and prevent any problem that gets in the way of our guests’ amazing experiences...constantly and forever….