To close the loop on our previous post regarding the Marathon des Sables... we left with our favorite runner, Steve just getting underway on day one of his marathons a day for six days (day 5 is technically the length of 2 marathons). Yes, he also was carrying his entire supply of food for the week and his sleeping arrangements on his back. This race is a test of endurance, strategy and sanity.


We appreciate the race organizers who supplied him with rationed water, his fellow tent mates and competitors, who provided emotional support and Cactus the dog who ran with him and helped him navigate a few strategic short-cuts (Steve can elaborate more on this).


We were all excited for him… and worried...and hopeful. Well for those of you not keeping score at home on the Marathon des Sables website,, Homsey finished in 2nd place for all USA runners and first overall for USA men.


The top finisher for the entire race was Rachid EL MORABITY, from Morocco, and has now won the race 7 times. We asked Rachid to submit his resume to work remotely for Attache. He fits the mold since we like teammates who appreciate challenges and find a way to not only complete seemingly insurmountable tasks but do so with grit, integrity and a desire to do it with the most amount of effort as possible.


Here are a couple of links about the race (photos and a story from the NYT:

Photos of the Marathon Des Sables
NY Times Article (Marathon des Sables)

Steve said he’s not planning on running in this event again, but then told us about another one in the Italian Alps…  There will be another run (with less sand).


Stay Tuned!