What a fun night we had last week at the BoardRoom in DC. If you haven’t been, the BoardRoom is basically a bar (no food) on two levels with tons of board and party games. So we brought in pizza and a few door prizes and were able to meet around 14 Attache guests in attendance.

We started the Happy Hours last year and aim to have them once a Quarter. It’s a great opportunity to meet our customers face to face… and try to beat them ...in giant Jenga. Given the nature of the arrivals, departures, email and phone interactions, the entire process can be fairly inpersonal, so it’s great to relax and meet our guests while eating, drinking and playing games.

This time we gave away two door prizes. We gave away a $25 ‘Improve the Process’ gift card for Amazon and a $50 ‘Live Better’ gift card...also for Amazon. See the photos of the winners below. The ‘Improve the Process’ and “Live Better’ are two (of many) themes we use to guide our company.  

We’ve also heard that our guests enjoy meeting with fellow business travelers who stay with Attache.  Like DC itself, our clients are made up of people from around the world and getting the opportunity to hear about work and life in other cities is enjoyable. As someone who loves to travel, I consider these conversations ‘traveling viariously’.  

We are shooting to have our next Meet and Beat Happy Hour in late June.  Be on the lookout for the invite and we hope to see you there.  Start practicing your Jenga….