9. Opt for a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles will never go away, but they are rapidly becoming less desirable as charging stations are popping up everywhere. Opting for a hybrid or fully electric vehicle is a greener path to the future you (who is ready to give you a future high-five).

To help you Opt for a hybrid or fully electric vehicle, here’s a simple 2-step process:


1 - Consider throwing a gratitude party for your current vehicle for serving you so well all this time. 


2 - Go out and pick up a hybrid or fully-electric vehicle (for the holidays…). It’ll make you and your wallet feel good - not to mention the Future You high-five that’s waiting on the other side.  


P.S. - It’s also been reported that ‘Opting for a hybrid or fully electric vehicle is strongly encouraged and facilitated in most Corporate Housing options. In fact, StayAttache.com has more than 10 stand-alone houses and condo properties with electric vehicle chargers in them, in addition to nearly all the high-rise buildings that offer parking. Go ahead,Opt-in, and know that Corporate Housing and your Future You will be there to help you celebrate.

9. Opt for a hybrid or fully electric vehicle.

If you're in the market for a new car, consider making the switch to a more sustainable one, like a hybrid or an electric vehicle (EV). Most EVs get about 250~ miles on a single charge (give or take and of course, it also depends on how you drive) and have a plethora of energy-saving features like one-pedal driving and paddle braking.

Some of our favorite models for 2022 include the Mustang Mach-E (which starts at $42,895 and is eligible for $7,500 federal tax credit) and the Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic Sedan (which starts at $119,110).