We had the great fortune of working alongside a force of eternal optimism and endless creativity in Harrison Pollock. Harrison died on January 21st at the age of 24 from a heart attack. There are no adequate words that can express the sorrow of his loss. He worked with us for only six months, but impacted everyone at Attache, including our owners, guests contractors and support staff.
Harrison carried his huge smile with him everyday and could generate solutions on the fly. In our line of work, those tools and traits are necessary and Harrison exemplified them along with a tireless work ethic.
We went around the room to discuss what we learned from Harrison everyone referenced his optimism and his gratitude for his sister, parents and many, many friends.
Notes and memories of his life can be found on his facebook page and this link-
Below are just a few photos of work events shared with him. 
boat 2
boat 3