33. Reuse food scraps for different recipes.

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce…Remora! While human food scraps tend to end up in the garbage or the compost pile, this week’s episode is inspired by the sticky, cleverly designed remora fish who adhere to strict behaviors (while adhering to partner animals) that are both commensal and commensurate with reusing food scraps for a meal. 

Remora’s ability to work with other types of animals to help both entities exist, survive and thrive, could be an inspiration for humans to consider - and not just for reusing food scraps. It might benefit everyone more if we consider living more commensal-ly. To learn more about these food scrap eaters - check out their wiki page - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remora

To help you Reuse food scraps for different recipes, here’s a simple 2-step process:

  1. Notice food scraps the next time you cook.
  2. Ask yourself, could said food scraps be reused in a different recipe or for a purpose outside of the garage disposal or compost pile?

Even though it may feel like your Future You is lightly linked to your current self, it’s better to think of the inexorable connection that adheres your two selves together as a commensal relationship, as the actions you take today provide benefits to you and do not harm your Future You.  And you don’t have to worry about your Future You flopping in the wind off the side of your body when out of in public.  

P.S. - It’s been reported that Corporate Housing companies help guests “Reuse food scraps for different recipes” because not only do we provide full kitchens and great counterspace, our innovative and forward-thinking guests appreciate the commensal approach to helping improve the lives of today and the lives of everyone’s future-selves. Also as much as Corporate Housing companies want to ‘stick’ around to help our guests, we understand the benefits of temporarily providing housing, temporarily helping our guests reuse food scraps and temporarily not latching onto the side of our guests.  


This series is focused on Simple Sustainable Actions - based on Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.



33. Reuse food scraps for different recipes.

Instead of immediately throwing away food scraps—or even composting them, which yes, is definitely the better option—try to reuse them for different recipes. For example, if you make your own almond milk, turn the resulting excess almond meal into cookies, scones, or muffins.