23. Ride your bicycle in favor of driving.

Think back to ‘Former You’ (as a child) when you learned how to ride a bike. After a few well-timed falls, you rode upright and were filled with exhilaration. Then it became sorta dull, so you pushed yourself to go faster and faster, which, again, generated exhilaration! Then the kids at school made fun of you because your bike stickers didn't align with the latest WWF champion. So that bike sat in the garage for a while…until you learned to drive, which engendered a new feeling of exhilaration.


This week we ask you to relive those ‘pre-driving’ exhilarating memories while creating new ones for your ‘Future You.’ Even though you never truly forget how to ride a bike, you can forget those school-yard WWF bully taunts by busting out the bike again.


To help you Ride Your Bicycle in Favor of Driving, here’s a simple 2-step process:  


1 - Dust off your old bike (or rent one).  


2 - Ride like the wind! 


Riding a bike provides exercise, exhilaration, and an opportunity to one-up the erstwhile WWF (now WWE) fans and show them you now support the one true WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) champion by tag-teaming with your Future You to help pin down a better future.  


P.S. - It’s been reported that Corporate Housing companies help people ‘Ride Your Bicycle in Favor of Driving’ by offering bike lockers, bike storage rooms, bike racks, and bike-friendly commutes. So just like leaving those WWE sticker memories in the past, leave your car and peddle your way to earn the WWF Championship WWF Belt for your Future You. It’ll be exhilarating. 


This series is focused on Simple Sustainable Actions - based on Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.


23. Ride your bicycle in favor of driving.

Basically, driving your own car solo is the worst form of transportation—at least, as far as the planet is concerned. Exhaust—see what we did there!—all other resources first; walking, public transportation, carpooling with others, and even biking.