25. Shop Produce that’s in season. 

Shopping for produce that’s in season is like not wearing white after Labor Day (or is it after President’s Day?/Independence Day?) Anyway, knowing the season and what’s ‘in season’ is a big reason for choosing your produce (and white-colored clothes) to help your Future You be more accessible.   

To help you Shop Produce that’s in season, here’s a simple 2-step process:  


1 - Find where you live. Find the month you’re in.

2 -  Based on the information above, search what produce is in season here-


Being in season is usually, almost always fashionable. When it comes to produce, buying and eating what’s in season will make you look good, and your Future You will look even better, even if it's white after a certain day in the calendar. 

P.S. - It’s been reported that Corporate Housing companies help people 'Shop Produce that’s in season’ by writing blog posts about the topic and even, sometimes sending our client’s links to seasonal produce like -  https://www.seasonalfoodguide.org/

This series is focused on Simple Sustainable Actions - based on Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.