The debate can be, at times - fierce! New regulations, that are awaiting the Mayor's vote, will create some of the strictest short-term regulations in the country.

We get asked quite a bit how this will impact Stay Attache, but since we don't rent for less than 30-days, we won't be directly impacted by these regulations.   

The biggest negative impact will be on property owners who have one or two units and live in the same building (think basement or carriage house on their property).  Which is a shame because these rules were primarily meant to shake out multi-unit owners who have converted buildings into quasi-hotels.  These multi-unit and absent owners are the ones who face the ire of affordable housing advocates, hotels and the neighbors who weren't aware they were living next to a quasi-hotel.

The property owners who have attached rental units to their primary residence (and they are living in their primary residence) should be allowed to rent their property on a nightly/weekly basis.  These owners are the ones who a) are being responsible hosts since they live on-site, b) get the most help from the supplemental income and c) remain part of the neighborhood and help make it better and can manage the growth and change.   

While I believe the battle will continue, this modification would seem to make the most sense and accomplish what the regulations were set out to do.