7. Spring for solar panels.


This week’s advice seems to be less ‘simple’ and a bit more ‘expensive’ than previous suggestions, but springing for solar panels doesn’t mean ‘you’ have to install them…AND after you spring for them, they typically pay you back (from sharing the energy you capture with your local utility company).  


To understand the credits and find a local installer (in the USA) follow this link:



To help you Spring for Solar Panels, here’s a simple 2-step process:


1 - With your non-dominant hand, on a sunny day - throw open the windows and bask in the sun’s rays.

2 - Call a local solar installer and smile knowing you did good, kid, real good. 


Reward your Future You after ‘Springing for solar panels’ by ordering a solar car (https://aptera.us/).

P.S. - It’s also been reported that solar panels are used frequently in Corporate Housing. In fact, StayAttache has more than 10 properties with Solar Panels you can rent. Check them out at StayAttache.com