Since our last transportation tricks post featured a time-traveling, stainless-steel plutonium powered car (and psuedo-hoverboard), I thought I would focus on a few new future cars that are heading to DC in 2016.  Attache has leased and owned three different smartars over the past 6 years and its unqiueness and novelty is starting to wane.

Given DC's urban environment, I wanted to highlight two new vehicles set to debut next year.  

One is an electric, almost entirely enclosed two-seater scooter called the Twizy -  The review from Wired and the photos are worth a look.  This is not designed for the beltway or any speeds above 30 MPH, but it adds an interesting twist to getting around town.  The San Fran company who licenses them, only offers a monthy subscription model.

The other ride, which is available for pre-order purchase, is the three-wheeled gas-guzzling Elio.  This is another two-seater, but it's desligned long and thin and gets 68 miles to the gallon. The driver sits in front of the passenger, making it harder to park on city streets, but I think it would look good with an Attache logo on the sides.  This is set to arrive on the road sometime around this time next year.  Oh, and you buy one for under $7000.

Both of these vehicles show how getting around DC will be different pretty soon.  The next posting will include information on how parking is changing around DC with on-demand valets and pre-paid parking.