In honor of Pope Francis visit to DC this week, I will not discuss religion or politics, but rather, something that impacts all faiths and political ideology in this city - traffic. The closure of roads during the papal visit has the town all abuzz like an impending 1 centimeter snowfall.

Even though public transportation is plentiful in DC, it's surprisingly cheaper to take these various car services...unless you drive more than 9482 miles a year-

You are likely familiar with Uber and Lyft (pink Moustache), but their surge pricing can send us toward the nearest metro. Be sure to check out Sidecar Ride as a third option. While Sidecar may have fewer drivers, the service is reliable and offers the ability to share rides with people going to the same destination. You can always also choose to go solo, as well. 

To hail a taxi with an app, try Curb (formerly taxi magic), which also features the ability to schedule a future pick-up (for those of you who like to plan ahead).  

Next posting will include transportation tricks in Washington DC for using cars that are not your own. Think Zipcar and 3 or 4 other options...

Good luck navigating the streets this week!