This posting is a slight departure on the blog topic of transportation, but continue reading and you'll see how it connects.

I just watched Back to the Future part II with my family this week since the 'future' in the movie was October 21, 2015 (today).  I thought my kids would get a kick out of the 30 year old predictions about the 'future'. Some were accurate (video conferencing) and some were not (ubiquitous faxing and flying cars).
Even though Nike is supposed to come out with a self-tying shoe by the end of the year, the hoverboard still eludes our top scientists, but people are working hard on it - like Lexus and this Canadian ( The quick compromise which seems to be heading toward a big holiday gift present for kids of all ages in 2015 is the two wheeled self balancing scooter 'hover board' -
My son, who worked all summer at his grandparents' house to pay for one of these 'hover boards', has been using it to get around DC. I feel it will be as commonplace as scooters and bikes in the next year or two.  
The device is yet another form of transportation in DC. The battery charge is good for about four hours. We 'walked' while he 'hover-boarded' from Dupont to Georgetown last Sunday and the device withstood hills, ramps, cobblestone sidewalks and crowds. As an aside, these transportation crafts are currently illegal in UK - deemed not safe on public roads and sidewalks by their Gov't.
While we don't offer these for as part of our furnished properties...yet, with enough interest and requests we can possibly add a few to some properties to help our guests navigate DC as Marty McFly.
Next week's post will play off the future-theme with a few new future vehicles poised to invade the US and DC in the next year, which will further change and challenge how we navigate this town.