2. Unplug what's not in use.

Unplugging items that need electricity when they are not in use is another meaningful way to reduce your carbon footprint. We all know not to leave the straightener on, but other items—like Christmas trees, microwaves, chargers, and more—can all be unplugged when they're not in use.


Unplugging electrical devices takes a little more effort than turning off the lights (see last week’s ‘Future You’ post) because these plugs engender more friction than a light switch. With lower-located outlets, think of this as doing deep knee bends or Yoga.

It’s a 2-step process. 

  1. Use your knees (not your back) and bend to reach an outlet.
  2. Pull the outlet plug out with your non-dominant hand. Your future you will appreciate the new strength and dexterity in this hand.


It’s also been reported that Corporate Housing helps people to ‘Unplug what’s not in use’ by providing larger spaces which generates a feeling of freedom to 'unplug' and enjoy life (and work) a little bit more.