3. Wash laundry with cold water.

Heating the water in a washing machine is half the battle, but you can easily minimize how much energy the machine uses by opting for cold water.

Washing your laundry in cold water is a great step for the majority of your laundry needs. For most of us, it’s as simple as pressing the cold water button or turning the washing machine knob to cold. 


Before our ancestors wasted energy heating the rivers and lakes to wash their clothes in hot water, they used cold water and rocks to clean their wardrobes. Fortunately, we’re not asking you to eschew the washing machine entirely, but we are asking you to consider cold water washing to a) not only keep your clothes lasting longer but b) also revel in energy savings.  


It’s a 2-step process. 


  1. Using your non-dominant thumb and forefinger - press the cold button (or turn the temp dial) to cold.
  2. Smile and pull your shoulders back to align with your hips while pressing the ‘cold water’ start button. Your future you will be able to re-apply the ‘cold-water saved energy’ to warm the hearts of the future those around you.  


It’s also been reported that Corporate Housing helps people “Wash Laundry with Cold Water,” not only because our properties have Washing Machines in them, but also because Corporate Housing is just so darn convenient, washing in cold water feels good.

P.S. Be grateful this list isn’t suggesting cold showers…yet…