Even though the search results may not pop-up with Attache's smart-car or logo, we're aiming to make Attache's guests experience synomonous with fun and corporate housing and yes, once a quarter - giant Jenga.  Thanks to our friends at the BoardRoom DC, our quarterly happy hour events provide us a chance to meet and mingle with our guests. The happy hour includes several varieties of pizza from Flippin Pizza while tasing the wine, beer and colas from the Board Room mixed with challenging each other on a Jenga game made out of strategically cut 2 x 4s.

This past Tuesday's evening was one of our best.  We had more than 25 people on-hand at various times representing Italy, Beirut and even California.

We also give out two prize drawings for those who attend. One is a $25 Amazon Gift Card which is labeled as the 'improve the process' award, signifying our belief that all processes in our system should be constantly evaluated for improvement. The 2nd prize is our $50 Amazon Gift Card labeled 'Live Better' since our mission is to help working travelers live better.

Speaking of awards, Attache has won one recently from CHPA (Corporate Housing Providers Association) which will be featured in our next blog post.