The best way to get started is to submit the rental inquiry ( and create an account.  You can also call our office at 202-787-1885 ext #1.

Then choose a property that best matches you and your needs. Our reservation team is always a call, email or chat away to help you evaluate and secure your property.

Once you select your property, and fill-out a personal or business rental application. The application fee is $55 ($85 for businesses), you will receive your lease agreement.

Then sign, select your payment method and receive your arrival information within 1 week of your start date.

When you arrive, you will discover joy in your new home.

Joy In Every Stay!



Required Fees:

  • $55 Application Fee OR $85 Business Application Fee (only for businesses)

  • One-time non-refundable departure cleaning fee per lease (Fee determined by unit size):

    • Studio - $235.00

    • 1 Bedroom - $ 235.00

    • 2 Bedroom - $ 270.00

    • 3 Bedroom - $ 320.00

    • 4 Bedroom - $ 350.00

  • Service fee equal to 2.5% of the total rent (subject to change).

Rental terms fewer than 91-days at a single property are subject to a 14.95% DC hotel tax.


Optional Service Fees:

  • If you are bringing a pet to a pet-friendly property, there is a one-time pet fee of $450

  • Parking at a property (that has available parking) is priced at $9 per day.  

  • Cleaning service is available during stay, and rates vary by size and frequency, please inquire for pricing.



Some properties do allow pets, and some do not. Please look for the pet icon on the listing to confirm. Properties that allow pets may have a 'size', 'breed' and/or 'number of pets' restriction. The $450 one-time pet-fee covers up to two pets and is non-refundable.



All of our properties have a 30 day minimum stay. Some of our properties have 90-day or 184-day minimums, and those minimums are indicated in the property description.

‘Tentatively Available’ means that the property is on hold for the current guest who has the option to extend their lease. We cannot hold or reserve a property that Tentatively Available. If you would like to added to a wait list for a tentatively available property, please email [email protected] asking to add your name to the list for this property.

We rent in chronological order and typically allow about one week of vacancy between available date and arrival dates. Please fill out a Rental Inquiry ( and our specialist will be in touch to help you find and secure a property that best fits your needs given your timeframe.



We would be happy to discuss our property management services with you and evaluate your property for our corporate housing program. Please contact us at 202.787.1885, extension #4, or send an email to [email protected].



When you arrive, you will find a small welcome bag and the property will be set up with a starter set of dishwasher soap, and Palmolive soap for the kitchen. You will also find a roll of toilet paper in each bathroom and a roll of paper towels in the kitchen. You will need to buy additional paper products and food during your stay.

Also, since we rent for longer stays (30-days+) most of our properties do NOT have hair dryers. If you have a favorite hair dryer, be sure to bring it with you. If you need a basic hair dryer while renting from us and didn't bring one, we can provide one to you at no additional cost.



We provide all of the property owners with a thorough list of what's needed in each property and review the property prior to renting it out. The furnishings list is three pages and addresses everything down to the number of hangers in each bedroom closet. In fact, most of our properties have more furnishings than you would find in other corporate rentals. The main question about this could be what's not included in the furnishings.  Let us know if you would like to see our list of furnishings.

We accept the following forms of payment: Check (domestic), eCheck, Wire Transfers, Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

- eCheck or ACH payments through our Guest Portal with "standard processing" are processed at no cost.  Rush processing for next-day payment (versus standard processing 2-3 days) is an additional $10 fee.



Yes, if you're renting in a larger building (i.e. with a front desk and freight elevator) your shipment will need to be coordinated, scheduled and approved by the building. Please let us know and we can make sure it's all taken care of for you.

You can arrive at your convenience anytime after 3 pm on the day your lease starts. Departure time is anytime before noon on the last day of your reservation. If you need to arrive early or depart late, our guest services team will try to accommodate your request, if possible.

Option 1: You can check for nearby parking garages, we recommend checking or Monthly parking typically runs between $250 and $300 a month.

Option 2: To park on the street in DC, you need a permit. The Metropolitan Police Department issues free visitor parking permits by making an application in person at your local police station. These permits are good for two weeks and renewable once, giving you a month of free street parking. You will need to bring a copy of your lease, driver's license and vehicle registration, and check the zone number on your street sign. (

Yes! All our property photos are of the actual unit. Since 75% of our properties rent without showings, we understand how important it is to provide you with accurate images.

All new properties are professionally photographed! We are in the process of updating the photos of all other Attache properties which is why sometimes you will see properties with older or limited photos.

If you see a property without photos or with placeholder photos, this means we're still in the process of "onboarding" the property. We will update the website as soon as possible.

All of our properties are professionally cleaned after each guest, including turning over the linens and towels. Plus, our operations team conducts a quality control check to make sure the property meets the Attache standard and has everything you need for a comfortable stay.



We have several important facets:

-We personally visit, vet and inspect each property before adding it to our inventory.

-We're a team all located in DC or have lived in DC for years.

-We cater to business travelers and understand the needs for service and convenience when coming to DC for work.

-We have more than 300 Furnished properties to choose from...each one different.

-We provide Joy in Every Stay. How? We define joy as providing choice, connection and comfort for all of our guests. Let us know what brings you joy, we'll work to make that part of your stay.

The floor at street level or slightly above street level is considered the "first floor" or "main floor" of the building.

One flight up from the first floor would be the "second floor" (which in British English is considered the "first floor").

The floor below street level is called the "English basement", the same as in British English.

"Ground floor" is basically street level but may be a few steps down to enter the unit.

  • We allow extensions. If you’re not sure how long your stay will be, since we rent in chronological order, your rental is available to extend (with proper notice).

  • All properties are professionally managed. Sometimes when renting from individuals or smaller companies, getting new keys when you’re locked-out or getting the WI-FI reset, can be burdensome. We’re designed to help you with timely repairs and service.

  • We provide showings. If you’re available and in town (or have someone who can look on your behalf) we can show you the property ahead of time.

  • Know the departure cleaning fee up front - Some rental companies and websites do not display the cleaning fees (and other fees) until after you have committed to the property.

  • No shared living. We get this question based on the creation of the sharing economy, but all of our rentals are for your exclusive use.

  • All properties are compliant with zoning and safety laws. While zoning laws and registration terms are being finalized by local and regional governments, renting for 30-days or longer makes our rentals compliant with the zoning laws that typically forbid hotel usage in residential areas. This also means the safety laws associated with residential rentals are in compliance. Safety laws regarding hotel-use of buildings can vary and may not be in compliance.

    We don't rent properties on a nightly or weekly basis. You can extend your stay for any given number of days after signing on for the first 30-days.

    We provide Joy in Every Stay. How? We define joy as providing choice, connection and comfort for all of our guests. Let us know what brings you joy, we'll work to make that part of your stay.