Tim Touchette, a Washington DC Real Estate professional whose focus is on furnished, monthly rentals of houses and condos in Washington DC. He has a passion for unique housing, innovative business systems, and bringing technology solutions to the Real Estate world. He started Attache Corporate Housing with 3 properties in 2001 and continues to seek out smart, joyful growth of the 250+ properties Attache represents.

Tim hails from St. Louis and can talk for hours on the topics of real estate, travel, and technology.  Tim finds his daily work inspiration by from Deming quote "Improve the process, constantly and forever."


How long have you worked at Attache Corporate Housing?

Since it began in 2001

How long have you lived in DC?

 Since 1998

What Neighborhood do you live in?

Dupont Circle

Favorite places in DC

Dupont Circle parks, National’s Park, Filter Coffee Shop, Georgetown waterfront, Rock Creek Park

Favorite places to take out of town guests:

International Spy Museum. Capitol Steps Comedy show. Nationals Stadium.

Favorite Restaurants:

Komi and Fiola Mare (for special occasions), Bistro Du Coin, Tono Sushi

My favorite way to get around DC:

feet, smartcar, uber, lyft, sidecard, getaround

Tips or tricks to navigating DC (traffic or bureaucracy or other):

Stay off the State named streets until you feel comfortable with the 'letter and number' grid. The State Streets curve and go in various diagonals.

Only in DC....

Presidential Motorcade. It shuts down the streets and only happens when you're in a hurry.

Favorite Concert(s):

Kiss in Zaragoza Spain Bull Arena, Radiohead at Bonnaroo and Prince at Warner theatre (Front row, center)

Rent or own your place?


Bucket list items (completed) and yet to do...

Yet to do - Travel around the globe in a year. Go to outer space. Run with the Bulls

Favorite travel places

France, Turkey, Jordan, Japan, Argentina, Scotland

Travel destinations - yet to visit

Galapagos, Seychelles, South Africa, Antartica, New Zealand and Thailand. And the 4 US States I have not visited yet (aside from Iowa).