Sandra Alfaro has worked in the corporate housing world in Washington DC for 15 years. She provides extraordinary service and attention to detail with loads of smiles. Sandra has worked at Attache since the start of 2015. 
Sandra is originally from El Salvador, but has lived in the DC Metro area since 1990.  Sandra loves spending her free time shopping and watching baseball and can be found exploring new restaurants and bowling. Sandra is a big supporter of the Yankees. In turn, she dislikes the Red Sox with a passion.

How long have you worked at Attache Corporate Housing?

Since January 2015

How long have you lived in DC?

Since 1990

How long have you lived in DC?

Since 1990

What Neighborhood do you live in?


Favorite places in DC:


Favorite places to take out of town guests:

The White House and Smithsonian Museums.

Favorite Restaurants:

 Lauriol Plaza

My favorite way to get around DC:


Only in DC....

 The White House, All The Monuments & museums And The Cherry Blossom Festival.

Rent or own your own place?


Favorite travel places

 The Caribbean

Travel destinations - yet to visit