How long have you worked at Attache Corporate Housing?

Since January 2017

How long have you lived in DC?

On and off for 20 years 

What Neighborhood do you live in?

Adams Morgan

Favorite places in DC

Adams Morgan!

Favorite places to take out of town guests:

!Washington National Cathedral, Nationals Park, Georgetown Waterfront. 

Favorite Restaurants:

Cantina Marina, Lauriol Plaza, Haydee's.

My favorite way to get around DC:

On Foot

Tips or tricks to navigating DC (traffic or bureaucracy or other):

If driving, avoid the circles, especially Dupont!

Only in DC....

We like the stars and bars on our city's flag and you will see them on tee shirts and tattoos if you look for them. DC proud!

Favorite Concert(s):

Pink at the 9:30 Club.

Rent or own your place?


Bucket list items (completed) and yet to do...

I've sailed from Maine to Key West and back again. Yet to do? Would do it again!

Favorite travel places

Isla Mujeres, Mexico, Bar Harbor, Maine, Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

Travel destinations - yet to visit

More islands!