A Washington DC Accounting Professional joined Attache in 2015 with a drive to streamline processes and integrate his accounting and finance skills in the world of furnished monthly rentals. His combined professional experience in Government Contracting and Not-For-Profit Accounting has allowed him to provide a fresh perspective on the business and apply his unique skills to provide quality services to guests, vendors and owners.

Daniel grew up in Howard County, Maryland for most of his life and now lives with his wife and 2 children in Woodbridge, Virginia. He enjoys spending time with his newborn and toddler, going to various exhibits at the Smithsonian and the local Theatres. You can also find him cheering on DC United, and the Washington Capitals every chance he gets.


How long have you worked at Attache Corporate Housing?

Since May 2015


How long have you lived in DC?

All my life

What Neighborhood do you live in?


Favorite places in DC:

National Mall, Adam's Morgan and Georgetown

Favorite Restaurants:

The Grill from Ipanema

My favorite way to get around DC:


Tips or tricks to navigating DC (traffic or bureaucracy or other):

If traveling during rush hour, the metro is the fastest way to get around DC, but crowded. Also, when trying to get somewhere in DC and you are driving, the roads will not make sense, bring some your cell phone to help navigate.

Only in DC....

The National Museums have amazing exhibits that are hard to find or nonexistent in the rest of the country.

Rent or own your own place?


Travel destinations - yet to visit

Old Tafford Stadium