50. Buy in bulk. 

50. Stay away from fast fashion.

The chance of this 50th episode working is 50-50, but it’s a 2-for-1 surprise! 

So let’s go with: 

50-50. ‘Buy Slow Fashion in Bulk’

Let's ‘Buy Slow Fashion in Bulk’.  Which means purchasing large amounts of timeless clothes, like denim jeans, little black dresses, and black dresses made entirely from timeless denim jeans. Hmmm. See. Combining these two concepts was a risk and going 50-50 didn’t produce a winning style. We think we should ‘Stay Away from Fast/Any Fashion’ … advice… 

Or, maybe it’s better to buy $445 jeans? That way, ‘Buy Slow Fashion in Bulk’ is bulk related to time, not quantity of material. If you take good care of them and not turn them into a little black dress, they could last 25 years, according to this article on how to maintain jeans. That $445 investment could also inspire us to keep our waist the same dimension for 25 years…to the dismay of Ben and Jerry.

To help you “Buy Slow Fashion in Bulk," here’s a simple 2-step process:

  1. Stock up on timeless, durable, and ‘slightly more’ expensive clothes
  2. Don’t lose them; leave them in a hotel room, or wear them around cherry cheesecake or freshly poured cement.

Your Future You called us and let us know your efforts to ‘Buy Slow Fashion in Bulk’ have been a success. Your time and money was used so wisely in this area that your future you is celebrating with carrot sticks… with added salt, and dipped in butter on top of some sort of frosting. Okay, we think this may be a carrot cake splurge celebration. Delayed gratification is …just…around…the …corner. 

P.S. It’s been reported that Corporate Housing helps people “Buy Slow Fashion in Bulk" because many of our properties are furnished in a timeless style, and renting in bulk (30 days or longer) is sorta built into our business model. Also, if you leave a pair of $445 jeans in one of our properties, we will be sure to ship them back to you (and will pay for the insurance).  Unless, of course, they were ‘accidentally’ left behind because they were buried under tubs of Chucky Monkey. 

This series is focused on Simple Sustainable Actions - based on Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.


50. Buy in bulk.

When it makes sense, buy your groceries in bulk. Most grocery stores have a bulk section for things like candy, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, but with other items, it's important not to buy too much. After all, if you buy in bulk and then it goes bad, well, wasteful.


50. Stay away from fast fashion.

Much of the fast fashion industry is made in China and Bangladesh, then shipped to the U.S. using an exorbitant amount of fossil fuels. But that's not even the only problem with fast fashion (which refers to clothing that's made with poor-quality fabrics, under low-quality conditions, for fast dissemination each season based on trends). A lot of it doesn't even last long anyway! In fact, the average American gets rid of 80 pounds of clothing per year, with the bulk of that ending up in the landfill or burned.