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Just bring your luggage and a laptop. All properties are fully-furnished and include all utilities, internet and cable.

DC is the first city in North America to get Electronic, Dockless Rideshare bikes, but can these temporary (bike) rentals be rented by the month? posted by Tim


This could be my new favorite way to navigate around DC. Since DC has 1) an abundance of bike lanes 2) fairly level terrain and 3) limited real estate devoted to storage of bikes, our city provides an ideal market for bike sharing networks. Up until today, the only bike share program in town relied on locating bike stations and docks connected to Capital BikeShare - https://www.capitalbikeshare.com/ I am a fan of Capital BikeShare and it has helped my family, friends and colleagues get around and through traffic with minimal headaches. I'm thrilled this new service takes a wireless approach to unlocking bikes so they can be rented without the need of finding a docking station, which may or may not be full or co...

Vacation Property purchase? posted by Tim


I was recently interviewed about my thoughts on purchasing a vacation property. While I do have some pretty strong opinions on the subject, the article only used a few of my thoughts. The one factor that beats all the negatives to owning a vacation property is the family memories and traditions it provides. Aside from that component, I typically urge people to buy investment properties versus vacation properties. http://www.realtyexecutives.com/blog/vacation-home-investment-property/

Another Happy Hour another Happy Experience posted by Tim


We don't get to meet our clients face-to-face enough. Even though 80% of our 275 properties are within a 2-mile radiss, our centalized locations are still spread out over many buildings and many blocks. This makes face to face meetings difficult without planning an event - like a Happy Hour. We enjoy providing personalized service to find business travelers with a temporary home that fits their needs.  The place where anyone lives should reflect their style and values when possible. We have such a variety of housing possibilities that we can pretty much match a property with a personality (in addition to location, features, and pricing). This most recent happy hour was a great reminder of how meeting with our clients face to face (and with food and drink) helps personalize the...

Remembering Harrison Pollock posted by Tim


We had the great fortune of working alongside a force of eternal optimism and endless creativity in Harrison Pollock. Harrison died on January 21st at the age of 24 from a heart attack. There are no adequate words that can express the sorrow of his loss. He worked with us for only six months, but impacted everyone at Attache, including our owners, guests contractors and support staff.   Harrison carried his huge smile with him everyday and could generate solutions on the fly. In our line of work, those tools and traits are necessary and Harrison exemplified them along with a tireless work ethic.   We went around the room to discuss what we learned from Harrison everyone referenced his optimism and his gratitude for his sis...

Inauguration Weekend posted by Andrea


The time has come again. Inauguration weekend, as it happens every four years, is here. Events and road closures will cause challenges getting around the city. Not to mention bike lane closures, metro line changes, and simply where to use the bathroom or other necessities (see tips below). While the Inauguration Day itself is January 20th, different events will be held throughout the weekend. Friends and guests of Attache, we hope the following in...

Fully-Furnished Historic Mansion.... posted by Tim


While I typically don't promote one property over another on our blog, this one - given the timing, and all the passion surrounding the potential new guest - I'll make an exception. Since we provide furnished temporary housing in Washington DC, our latest property at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW is similar the other 250 properties we manage...aside from the 4 year minumum term (with the possibility to extend one time for another 4 years).  And it comes with a staff and security detail, armored valet car service, private jet and a bowling alley.   While it violates Fair Housing Laws, you must be a US Citizen to live here.  Many have argued if it takes votes and/or money to stay here, it's ultimately up to the US people to decide.   Be sure to

Most Creative Marketing Award with a 'Larger than Trophy' Resemblance posted by Tim


        Earlier this year, Attache Corporate Housing was nominated and won the 2016 "Most Creative Marketing" Award for providers with fewer than 300 furnished properties (providers with more than 300 properties got to sit at the grown-ups table).   CHPA (Corporate Housing Provider Association) presents this award annually to companies who are chosen by a panel of their peers. As a small provider in a large industry, it's a huge honor and we feel very grateful for the award.  

Games and Pizza and Gratitude posted by Tim


We recently had another Attache Happy Hour where we had a lot of fun with our guests sharing drinks, pizza and games.  It's always fun to see everyone face to face when so much of our communication is via phone, text or email.  These events help us share our thanks for the business they provide while we share our tips and insights about navigating the best parts of DC.  Be on the lookout for the next happy hour...

airbnb alliances vs lawsuits posted by Tim


I've seen the good, bad and legal ramifications airbnb has created in DC. I feel like it's time to generate a better approach that is more inclusive and benefits all people impacted by the shared-housing industry. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-airbnb-should-create-alliances-instead-lawsuits-tim-touchette?trk=pulse_spock-articles

The top three reasons to list your property as furnished monthly rental in Washington DC posted by Tim


Property owners frequently ask if they should rent their property furnished or unfurnished. And if furnished, should they rent nightly/ weekly, or monthly. As much as I want to say that furnished monthly rental is always the best and the only way to go, the reality is that the best answer is - it depends...   So here are our top three reasons to choose furnished monthly rentals for your real estate investment strategy - the ones that impact our owners with the most benefits, most of the time.   1. Safety, security and reliability. - You always want safe, secure and reliable renters. And since the rent on our properties is paid by a company/agency/assn/etc, it adds an add...

Just bring your luggage and a laptop. All properties are fully-furnished and include all utilities, internet and cable. Your Friends at Attache Corporate Housing

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Please note there is a 14.5% hotel tax on all stays less than 91 days for properties in Washington DC.