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Just bring your luggage and a laptop. All properties are fully-furnished and include all utilities, internet and cable.

Podcast Short-Term Sage Interview posted by Tim


The Short-Term Sage Podcast interviewed me to discuss the differences between Short-Term Rentals (nightly/weekly) and monthly rentals (Corporate Housing). I learned about the challenges Short Term rentals face, and we discussed how Corporate Housing provides property owners with solutions to adjust to the travel and housing constraints brought on from COVID-19. The podcast and video cover the differences and benefits of corporate housing throughout the episode. The episode includes show notes, video, and the podcast: https://www.Shorttermsage.com/str61 Video format: Facebook + YouTube https://lnkd.in/eC_2xyM #StayAttache

How we're ready for COVID-19 posted by Tim


This past Saturday had the first confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) in DC. Safety will always be a cornerstone of our business for our guests, owners, contractors and team. While the number of identified cases in the DC area will likely increase, we wanted to provide a quick update on how we’re handling this situation. It’s important to keep in mind the severity of this virus is greater than the common flu, with similar symptoms, yet we are taking steps to keep it from spreading. We have spoken to our cleaning companies about adding a hospital-grade disinfectant to their cleaning supplies. This chemical is EPA approved effective to fight against Coronavirus. They will implement this on every new ‘turnover’ clean, so every property we rent will be protected. Additionally, we have...

Attache Holiday Party 2019- Juggling and Swinging posted by Tim


Our team was told only to be ready to leave the office around 3:30 last Wednesday and to wear socks and layers of workout clothes. When the taxi drivers dropped them off, they saw the large white tent and were given an option of learning to juggle or learning to swing on the trapeze. Fear and fun followed us around the next two hours as our team built out our juggling skills (looks good a resume) and our backflips (which we aim to do for our clients). We hope you enjoy the photos! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6613412483426250752

Canoe Team! posted by Tim


Our team was able to enjoy a wonderful fall evening earlier this month.  No-one knew what we were going to do, and so we were told to only be ready to leave the office at 4:45PM and bring clothes that you would wear to work out in (or go swimming...or both).  So that evening we arrived at the Washington Canoe Club for a little team building and celebration. This club, even though it's officially located on National Park Service land, pre-dates the creation of the National Park Service so the club is given certain clauses that allow it to act somewhat independently from NPS restrictions... like having a membership organization run the club on NPS land.  See more about the club - https://www.washingtoncanoeclub.org/

Halloween 2019! posted by Tim


I think it's easy to say our office enjoys this holiday...Boo! See Photo Below:

2019 - 17th St Festival - 10 year anniverary posted by Tim


We were honored to be a sponsor the 10th Anniversary of the 17th St Festival last week. The sun was shining, the art was dazzling and kids and pets alike were attracted to our three map-wrapped and all-electric vehicles.   We were located at the top of 17th and R St and were treated to various street performers.  We had pets and humans of all ages try out our mini-tesla, our three-wheeled, electric rickshaw and our new 2019 all-electric SmartCar.   We asked help from the community to add our pushpin location stickers to the Smartcar since it was freshly wrapped just 2 days before the event.  A few parents reminded their kids that "just because you can put stickers on this car, does not mean you can put sticker...

Attache Pride Parade 2019 posted by Tim


We celebrated another great year showing off our colors in DC Pride Parade 2019.  This year's theme was shhhOUT: Past, Present and Proud and we had staff and friends join us along the parade route.  Even though this year's event was cut short from an un-confirmed fear of a gun in the crowd, the parade was one of the biggest ever. We hope to see everyone next year for Pride 2020!      

Just Add Sand (to this ultra-Marathon) posted by Tim


To close the loop on our previous post regarding the Marathon des Sables... we left with our favorite runner, Steve just getting underway on day one of his marathons a day for six days (day 5 is technically the length of 2 marathons). Yes, he also was carrying his entire supply of food for the week and his sleeping arrangements on his back. This race is a test of endurance, strategy and sanity.   We appreciate the race organizers who supplied him with rationed water, his fellow tent mates and competitors, who provided emotional support and Cactus the dog who ran with him and helped him navigate a few strategic short-cuts (Steve can elaborate more on this).   We were all excited for him… and worried...and hope...

What lengths some people will go to get out of work at StayAttache... posted by Tim


Today, Sunday, April 7th, is the first day of a six-day ultramarathon our colleague (and somewhat insane friend), Steve Homsey begins. His first step into the sand today in the Sahara Desert will bring a lot of joy and friction as he takes on the Marathon Des Sables.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marathon_des_Sables http://marathondessables.com/en/marathon-des-sables/figures   A few facts of Marathon Des Sables: Everyone must carry their own food and shelter for the entir...

A simple, yet important 'Thank You'. posted by Tim


In honor of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for three groups - Our Attache Team, Our Attache clients and my family and friends.Thank you to team Attache - Our team's dedication to improving the lives of our renters and owners is something that I am thankful for everyday. Our team begins our all-hands Thursday morning meetings with going around the room saying what they are grateful for.  Our work lives would not be possible without everyone pushing for improvement, focusing on fun and being thankful for their ability to positively impact so many lives.Thank you to Attache's customers - Our renters and our owners are super valued and appreciated because they have...

Just bring your luggage and a laptop. All properties are fully-furnished and include all utilities, internet and cable. Your Friends at Attache Corporate Housing

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