49. Freeze leftovers.

That thing! No-no, next to the Ben and Jerry’s. It keeps getting pushed aside and is buried next to the frozen peas. It’s sad and it’s lost all it’s luster, but this dented hockey-puck-ish lump does contain a modicum of value, right? 

Otherwise, why would we keep leftovers in our freezer since before we owned a mobile phone? Oh, wait! The value of this item is - we needed to talk about something for episode 49. Phew! Now it’s purpose and destiny has been fulfilled, we can *cough-cough* consume it, or maybe it’s best to relocate it so it can chill in a compost pile? 

To help you “Freeze leftovers," here’s a simple 2-step process:

1. Buy a sharpie

2. Put a ‘frozen on’ date so you can start gamifying how long items can sit in a freezer compared to your frozen leftovers tracking friends. 

Your Future You is always excited when it gets acknowledged, thought of, and referenced. Freezing your leftovers is basically meal planning for your Future You. Sure, Your Future You wishes it could be given a better gift of appreciation than sending frozen leftovers, but hey, who’s to say that your Future You won’t ever look at your past self with some sort of disdain every once in a while. And if the disdain relates to your frozen leftover meal planning, then you’re doing pretty good.  

P.S. - It been reported that Corporate Housing supports people’s efforts to Freeze Leftovers (and not have them take up frozen food freezer space) by housing people for monthly stays. Our great furnishings and locations are reasons our guests like to hang out and chill for months and months. And just like our guests, the ‘freezed’ leftovers will typically find a new home and or will be relocated after chilling for a few months in cool spaces. It's also been reported that Attache supplies Sharpies to help you gamify your frozen leftovers against your corporate housing brethren.

This series is focused on Simple Sustainable Actions - based on Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.


49. Freeze leftovers.

An easy way to make sure you actually do finish your leftover is to freeze them for longevity. The less actual food you trash, the fewer emissions they emit.