Thanksgiving, it’s all about Gratitude - Happy Gratitude Day 2022

For the last 6 years, Attache hands out a year’s worth of Gratitudinal sentiments to each team member. These are self-created lists generated from our weekly all-hands meeting. When we start our weekly Thursday meeting, we go around the room asking everyone to mention ‘good news’ and/or a ‘challenge’ in their life- these are optional prompts/updates. However, everyone MUST (!!!) say at least one thing they are grateful for.  What is said is then written down and placed in a document.  Then at our annual Holiday Party, everyone is handed their list of a year’s worth of gratitude sentiments.

It’s always fun to see people receive, smile and reflect on what they appreciated over the previous 52 weeks.  

There are 3 main gratitude sentiments referenced the most. These 3 items show up the most and reflect what’s important in the lives of our staff.  

Any guesses on our top three?  

My top three are - Our Attache Team, Our Attache Guests and Owners, and my family and friends.

Thank you to team Attache - Our team's dedication to improving the lives of our renters and owners is something that I am thankful for everyday. Our work lives would not be possible without everyone pushing for improvement, focusing on fun and being thankful for their ability to positively impact so many lives.

Thank you to Attache's clients- Our renters and our owners are super valued and appreciated because they have given us their trust to help them live better. Our renters give us opportunities to serve and provide joyful shelter to help improve their lives. Our owners provide us with their properties and also opportunities to maintain their investment and provide flexible services for their growth and future needs.

Thank you to my family and friends - a life worth living is a life shared with others.  So many of the joys and triumphs and pains and setbacks are all improved by sharing them with those close to us.  I appreciate my family and friends who fill me with positive joy and lovingly push me to remind me to be the best possible version of myself.  Thank you to all!

Thank you to everyone who continues to impact my life and continues to help Attache grow year after year. 



P.S. - I recently read a simple 3-step method to express gratitude. 1) identify what you are grateful for 2) notice and reference where you feel the gratitude in your body and 3) express why you’re grateful for this.