79. Properly insulate windows.

Eyes are the windows into the soul.  

  • Old Proverb


‘Solar-powered Eyes’ are the properly insulated windows into the soul

  • New Proverb


First there were shades (sunglasses) to help insulate our windows (eyes).


Now, it’s the future (well, at least, starting in a few minutes) and humans have moved transparent solar powered panels that cover our windows, into transparent solar powered panels that cover our windows into the soul. Soul searching may now be done via Google/DuckDuckGo.


So let’s see if we can change your view on new ways to properly insulate those peepers!


To help you ‘Properly insulate windows’’, here’s a simple 2-step process:

  1. Throw shade on the future-haters
  2. Embrace solar-powered window insulation

Your Future You wants you to view everyday life through rose-colored glasses, because in the future these will be solar-powered multi-rose-variant contact lenses. Your Future You assures us these re-glazed solar-powered windows won’t give you a glazed look. Only bright and sunny outlooks…promise! 


P.S. - It’s been reported that Corporate Housing Companies help ‘Properly insulate windows’ by keeping our windows caulked, taut, and shiny. We’re always aiming for furnished-monthly-energy-efficient living.  Also we’re not about to lightly compress a solar powered anything on your eye. So before we offer solar powered contact lenses to our guests, maybe we can start with solar-powered blinds in our residences? You see, we’re not crazy, we are all about making sure there is a good SEAL on windows. 

Any crazy thoughts on solar powered contact lenses? 

Why does this ‘Future You’ Series exist? What’s it about?  

  1. Promote easy, quirky sustainable practices that are NOT preachy, or guilt-ridden and without a focus on the ‘saving the planet’ (hint: the planet is going to survive no matter what we do). 

  2. A playful post of simple ways to sorta improve our lives, and the lives of those we love. Also improve our future lives… by taking playful action today. 

  3. Still reading? Cool. We think you’re amazing and full of joyful zest. 

This series is based off ‘105 Simple Sustainable actions’ - from Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.



79. Properly insulate windows.

Proper insulation is important throughout the home, but pay particular attention to your windows. Any drafty areas that may let in a bit of wind or air should be sealed up.