Attache Corporate Housing Launches PAWsome Partnership with the Animal Interspecies Translation Association (AITA)

Washington DC – April 1, 2024 – Get ready to hear your furry-friend speak their mind because Attache, the leading provider of furnished monthly housing in Washington DC, is thrilled to announce a revolutionary partnership with the association created to facilitate human / animal communication - Animal Interspecies Translation Association (AITA).

Attache leaped at the opportunity to partner with AITA given the rapid growth in animal translation technology and AITA’s membership. Dr. John Doolittle, president of AITA, remarked - “Not only does StayAttache have many pet-friendly rentals, but their mission to provide ‘Joy in Every Stay’ easily translates to all living creatures. Also their friendly, flexible service grabbed our attention like someone blowing a dog whistle.” Dr. Doolittle continued, “We’re on the cusp of direct human-to-animal conversations, and a little birdie told me to align our rapid growth with a joyful housing provider now, before we’re all running around like a chicken with it’s head… um, well, … you know.” 

The Future of Speak-to-Meow is Here!

As part of this partnership, all of Attache's guests with pets will be given access to AITA’s various ‘human to animal’ translation apps, like CATgpt®.  Imagine a world where you can:

  • Discuss with your dogs what they think when they smell fear, or see a vacuum. 
  • Decode your fish’s bubble babble to uncover their ‘happy place’ when the aquarium tank gets tapped one too many times.
  • Take tips from your feline on attracting love through nonchalant indifference.

“At Attache, we've always been passionate about creating a joyful environment for all, including our guests with pets,” says Tim Touchette, President at Attache. “Now we will be able to verify when both our guests and their pets are experiencing joy in their stay. With this partnership, we will help turn over every (Rosetta) stone to crack the animal/human translation code.” Touchette continued, “Being at the forefront of this revolution will enable humans to finally understand what brings joy to our furry (or feathery, or scaly!) friends.”  

A Brighter Future (and Joyful Stays) for Animal Communication

This partnership is creating a world where communication transcends species barriers. Attache and AITA are proud to support this world-changing endeavor. We seek to create a future filled with happy barks, playful purrs, glorious glurps - and knowing exactly what those mean!

About Animal Interspecies Translation Association (AITA)

The Animal Interspecies Translation Association (AITA) is dedicated to developing human/animal relationships via translation technology to build a thriving future where every voice is heard. AITA unites pioneers in interspecies communication, providing resources, platforms, and ethical guidance to build a collaborative community where all species flourish. Find out more at

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