63. Seal problem spots in your home.

If our kitchen tends to be a problem spot in our home we could ban food fights, or get a ‘seal’ of approval on our cooking from our family.

If our laundry room tends to be a problem spot in our home, we could mop up problem spots, or ‘seal’ those spots in liquid soap.

If our ‘pet sleeping area’ (dog house?) tends to be a problem spot in our home, don't use spot remover (pas de puppy). Maybe instead we can ‘seal’ that problem spot, a new pet baby seal named spot. (awww). Spot would no longer be a problem, but a seal/pet.

To help you ‘Seal problem spots in your home’’’ here’s a simple 2-step process:

  1. Identify problem spots in your home
  2. Seal them with a kiss (of insulation…and love)

Your Future You would like to help you ‘Seal problem spots in your home,’ by sending you a love letter in a sealed envelope telling you how dashing, clever, and forward-thinking you are to a) identify problem spots in your home and b) seal them up like saran wrap around an insulated Yeti cooler contained in Tupperware.   

P.S. - It’s been reported that corporate housing companies help ‘seal problem spots in your ‘furnished/monthly’ home,’ by tracking comfort, utilities, and joyful feedback in order to keep our properties running as smoothly, sustainably, and Seal-ly as possible. We typically include Tupperware and Teflon in our furnished properties but now should add baby seals to our approved pet list. We’re always looking for ways to seal your joyful stay!  

. Why does this ‘Future You’ Series exist? What’s it about?  

  1. Promote easy, quirky sustainable practices that are NOT preachy, or guilt-ridden and without a focus on the ‘saving the planet’ (hint: the planet is going to survive no matter what we do). 

  2. A playful post of simple ways to sorta improve our lives, and the lives of those we love. Also improve our future lives… by taking playful action today. 

  3. Still reading? Cool. We think you’re amazing and full of joyful zest. 

This series is based off ‘105 Simple Sustainable actions’ - from Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.


63. Seal problem spots in your home.

Insulation is a big part of making sure your home is sustainable. If there are any weak spots you know of, make sure to seal those off properly.