We are excited to be kicking off a new weekly series of posts called FUTURE YOU! 


This initial series will be focused on Simple Sustainable Actions - based on Stephane Omsanski’s article in Parade from 2021.


Read article: https://parade.com/1300935/stephanieosmanski/ways-reduce-carbon-emissions/


Our first topic: Turn Off the Lights


Think of this as a shoulder stretching exercise. Hmmm… how flexible are your shoulders? When you turn off the lights, keep your elbow straight and stretch/flex those tight shoulders and rotate your wrists to flip the switch. 


It’s a 2-Step process: 


1) Use the proper posture 

2) Take a deep breath while switching the lights off knowing your future self will enjoy knowing this newly preserved energy will be applied to overcome future-procrastination.  


It’s also been reported Corporate Housing helps to encourage people to Turn Off the Lights by providing a comfortable at-home environment.