How long have you worked at Attache Corporate Housing?

Since June 2021

How long have you lived in DC?

I do not live in DC. I have lived in Toledo, Ohio for five years.

What Neighborhood do you live in?

Downtown Toledo

Favorite places in DC

I have only been to DC twice. I visited on a school trip. Years later, I coached a volleyball tournament in DC.

Favorite places to take out of town guests:

In Toledo, the Art Museum

Favorite Restaurants:

Favorite restaurant in Toledo is The Leaf and Seed

Only in DC....

I will have to visit soon and find out!

Favorite Concert(s):


Rent or own your place?


Bucket list items (completed) and yet to do...

Live in Florida (completed), Sky-dive (completed), Travel outside the U.S (completed), Learn to play an instrument (yet to do), Volunteer Abroad (yet to do)

Favorite travel places

St. Petersburg, Florida

Travel destinations - yet to visit

Traveling to every state has always been on my bucket list. So far, I have visited most states on the east coast and mid-west. The states I am most excited to visit are California, Colorado, Washington and Hawaii.

Any other details you wish to share? 

My hobbies include yoga, gardening, crafting and hula hooping.