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Unique Furnished Housing in DC

Just bring your luggage and a laptop. All properties are fully-furnished and include all utilities, internet and cable.

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Furnished Apartments Washington DC

It’s time for another trip, a long one this time, and you need to find furnished apartments Washington DC. Perhaps an executive suite? Search no more because Attache Property Management is full of short and long-term options for a multitude of situations.

We at Attache Property Management feel we know your needs and desires from kitchen hardware and linens to fitness and fine foods. Connecting clients is what we do. Since 2001, we have continued to acquire and furnish properties for short and long term renters from all over the world. Surveys consistently reveal our customers’ desire for clean, comfortable and convenient furnished apartments Washington DC. We take pride in being able to provide this – a home away from home.

Our furnished apartments Washington DC, scattered around the capitol city, have an array of amenities. Do you prefer high ceilings and open spaces or intimate and cozy? Wondrous views from a deck or ground level with a hot tub? We take pride at Attache Property Management with our variety of unique and stylish options for every furnished apartments Washington DC situation.

Most of our furnished apartments Washington DC are within blocks of public transportation and/or include parking. If the Metro is for you, we encourage you to contact WMATA for maps, bus and train schedules, fares and everything you need to know about navigating Washington DC without a car. If a car is necessary or desired, contact Zipcar for hourly or daily rentals and Enterprise for a longer-term situation during your stay. The options are there and Attache Property Management will do everything necessary to help you.

What it boils down to is that Attache Property Management strives for a comfortable, secure, and satisfying stay for our furnished apartments Washington DC customers. Our apartments and townhomes are designed to mimic the convenience of your own home with all the utilities, internet and cable you are accustomed to. We urge you to surf our Attache Properties for a dwelling that may suit your needs. Our furnished apartments Washington DC range in price and location to ideally suit all needs – the corporate executive in for a training to a family looking to relocate.

It’s time now to buckle down and book that furnished apartments Washington DC for the trip ahead. Where in Washington DC? Start by perusing our properties for a good fit, then simply contact us at 800-916-4903 or [email protected] with your information. Before long, you’ll be pleasantly comfortable in a stylish apartment in the midst of our Nation’s Capitol. We at Attache Property Management value your service and look forward to working with you.